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To commence funeral arrangements or to understand the requirements should the need arise, call your local funeral director. It is often a difficult call to make…Learn More
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Grief and mourning: how can simple words convey the overwhelming range of emotions that you feel when you lose a loved one? There are no words that reflect…Learn More
Preplanning or prepaying for your funeral can assist to relieve the burden on your loved ones both financially and emotionally during what is a difficult time.Learn More
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August  4- August  5  2017

Quarterly General Meeting Cairns FNQ


November 3 – November 4 2017

QFDA Quarterly General meeting Central Zone


February 2 – February 3 2018

QFDA Quarterly General meeting South West Zone

May 3 – May 5   2018

QFDA 52nd AGM and Conference  Hobart

Benefits of Membership

  • State and national directory
  • Website listings
  • Negotiation with government departments on behalf of members
  • Prompt, personal attention by the secretary to member’s questions
  • Accountancy advice

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