Creating and maintaining superior quality service benchmarks for our industry

The Queensland Funeral Directors Association (QFDA), formally known as the Queensland and Northern Rivers Funeral Directors Association was formed in 1967.

Our association was originally established by a group of like-minded funeral home business owners that wished to create a superior quality service benchmark for the funeral industry throughout Queensland.

Today almost 50 years on, this tradition continues and we are recognised as the one of the premier funeral industry associations within Australia. We are proud and humbled by the fact that we are often an association within our industry that is emulated by others.

As an association we aim to represent and engage with our members. This involves a variety of approaches including consultation with members through visits, training, mentoring and other communication tools. We are aiming to increase our connection with members over the coming year, as we believe this will proactively benefit our industry and the families and communities we serve.

QFDA members are encouraged to access and exchange ideas and assist Funeral Directors in all other states and territories of Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea. Our history and networks have created international links to assist facilitate the repatriation of deceased to and from most countries.