Of great importance to our members and the families and communities we serve, is the mutual understanding and respect for our Code of Ethics and Practice:

  1. To maintain the confidentiality of clients at all times.
  2. To make fair and reasonable charges for goods supplied and for services rendered.
  3. To provide clients, and the general public, with all relevant information and options about goods and services available.
  4. To always behave in such a manner as to not bring the funeral service profession into disrepute.
  5. To ensure that all advertising is in good taste and is not of such nature as to bring the funeral service profession into disrepute.
  6. To ensure that no member, staff or agent of a member solicits for funeral or offers reward for any recommendation.
  7. To ensure that all staff are properly trained and are competent in the funeral service profession.
  8. To show proper respect and regard for all cultures and religious beliefs.
  9. To always provide the client with a written estimate of charges and a copy of funeral details at the conclusion of the funeral arrangement.
  10. To provide clients with an itemised account for all goods supplied and for services rendered.
  11. To address complaints from clients in the shortest practical time.

The Queensland Funeral Directors Association (QFDA) as sponsor of this Code provides a mediation facility service. The facility is available to assist in the resolution of disputes between members of the association and their clients.